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23rd March 2011

5:50pm: Help
How do you change of your journal subtitle? I can't find it and I really want to change it. I'm not angry anymore. I'm a happy prophet!

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21st June 2010

7:30pm: Progress
I think Facebook has been blocked at work. This makes me really happy. Not kidding.

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15th June 2010

10:41am: I am coming back
Facebook is turning me into a misanthrope.

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29th December 2009

1:07pm: Highway of Grief
Interstate 5 between California Highway 99 and Interstate 580 is my least favorite stretch of road. Two lanes in each directions, sanctimonious bird brains drive speed limit or below in the fast lane and very rarely pull into the slow lane which is mostly trucks and drivers that would ordinarily drive the fast lane on a normal highway. Effectively, the fast lane is the slow lane and the slow lane is the fast lane, except for the slow moving trucks in the "fast lane".

Because of this peculiar arrangement large groups of cars get flocked together. To maintain a decent rate of speed, one has to dart back and forth between lanes to not get caught behind the trucks in the right lane or slow cars in the left lane. This is tiring and maddening, especially it would be completely unnecessary if folks would drive the way they are supposed to, that is, to drive in the slow lane unless passing, especially if someone is coming up behind driving 10 MPH or more faster.

The worst part of this is that this stretch of road, bad behavior lasts for 230 miles!

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19th December 2009

9:55am: Education
I never have thought all kids should learn algebra in high school, but it seems, at least here in California, that they are pushing for it earlier than ever before. I am much more in favor of teaching kids what they want to learn and what will be most useful for them.

On that note, I think that everyone should learn the basics of critical thinking. This has been heavily reinforced by being subjected to my Mother's endless talk radio shows for past couple days. The endless self-congratulatory smugness of people reinforcing each other's blatant logical fallacies is sickening.

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26th July 2009

5:53pm: I came really close to having a drink and then I remembered I have a appointment with an acupuncturist at 6:30 this evening.

I have had stiff neck since February. It doesn't hurt very much unless I try to look over my shoulder. I probably not covering my blindspot when I drive as well as I should while driving, but I haven't had an accident. Sometimes, the tightness radiates into my right shoulder.

I am guessing the Krav Maga and the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu aren't helping much, but I have to active and middle age just might mean living in pain to some degree.

I hope this healer can dbe o me some real good.

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26th March 2009

4:07pm: Aaaaahhh
How come no one told me that Nurse with Wound is playing TONIGHT at the Great American Music Hall. I only know because I saw it on the marquee on my way to the office this morning. I am assuming it isn't sold out, but I don't even know if I can make it. Grrrr

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28th February 2009

6:53pm: Spam Analysis
I don't delete my spam folder on my yahoo email account because it automatically deleted after 30 days. Therefore, I have a running 30 day spam total staring at whenever I open up my email. Typically it runs at 1,600 or so, it went up to 2000 right around Christmas and had been drifting down ever since. Today it is 953, it hasn't been this low in years, I think it is a symptom of the economy.

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13th February 2009

5:41pm: Ha
So I was got kind of a tour of an oil refinery today as part of my job. We drove around in a car but weren't allow to get out because we weren't all suited up. I told the site contact "It's like Lion Country Safari for engineers." This clever quip may be lost on the some of you younger readers.

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4th February 2009

10:42pm: RIP Lux Interior
No More Cramps?

Sure I have only seen them once or twice since the Kid Congo era (80-83), but the idea of not ever seeing them again saddens me. Songs from the Psychedelic Jungle was genius, and provide the soundtrack of some of the most deliciously debauched nights of my life.

Lux was unbelievably inspired performer, he left it all out there on the stage.

Sorry about the giant image

actually not sorry.

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18th November 2008

7:14pm: Why?
Have you ever used the "insert" key for any reason at all?

I never have, but I have accidentally hit it a million times and it has caused me nothing but grief. What is the point?

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25th September 2008

7:28pm: Ha
Sarah is funny.

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10th September 2008

11:26pm: Ouch
I suffered the mother of all leg cramps in my sleep last night. The way to get rid of a calf cramp is straighten you leg and flex your foot. I was curled up in a ball and it took forever to straighten the leg, I could feel the muscles in my leg tearing. It still hurts nearly 20 hours later.

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9th May 2008

8:51pm: Ancient History

For a long while, everyone thought that Ray-Ban Wayfarers were timeless.

D. Boon's roll at the end lasted a really long time and it faded out before he stopped. I would have liked to have seen him stand up afterward.

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17th April 2008

10:27pm: Do I Believe Him?

But, somehow, I find myself strangely sympathetic to Hans Reiser.

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3rd March 2008

10:12pm: She's an adult now

I hardly ever embed, so no hate.

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3rd January 2008

1:58pm: Field Data Collection
Employment in Northern California down to Bakersfield immediately.

Southern California work coming up in a couple months.

Let me know if you are interested.

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17th December 2007

8:59pm: Bass
I want to buy the number one son a bass. I would prefer something decent that will not depreciate as buy it. If anyone knows or someone selling one let me know.

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26th October 2007

8:59am: Update
I have been looking at offices for lease in San Francisco. It is a huge pain. Although there are a lot available, nothing is perfect. Nice spaces are real expensive and cheap places are funky. The question is what level of funk are you willing to put up with to keep the costs down. I am looking at a real funky space on 6th and Brannan, it needs a tenant funded improvements before we can move in. This means more work and coordination on my part to get it together.

My parents got back into their house yesterday. They live in the fire ravaged town of Rancho Bernardo. A house burnt down four doors down. I told them not to move there.

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23rd September 2007

1:40pm: No Hate - Shed a tear or keep quiet
He was a genius.

Marcel Marceau 1924-2007

A lot of people that I thought would never die aren't making it through their eighties. Maybe one should plan to accomplish everything they want to accomplish by 81 or so as to not come up short.

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17th September 2007

11:01am: Awake
I am coming unglued this morning from a single cup of coffee. I really need to rethink my caffeine dosage in general.
Current Mood: agitated

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